Innovative Non-Fiction


Scholastic's non-fiction can't be beat.  

  • Our Scholastic Discover More program covers a myriad of topics.  In addition to our three age strands--emergent, confident, and expert--we're launching fun, new readers that deliver interesting facts in an easy-to-digest package!  
  • And for the first time ever, we're offering the chance to license our extensive dictionary database!  With over 300,000 word entries, this is an amazing opportunity to supplement your online efforts. 


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In-depth and up-to-date books on popular nonfiction subjects, with eye-popping graphics. Includes a free digital book! All vetted by world-renowned experts.


A print and digital leveled program from the most trusted name in learning.




  • Easy to Translate!
  • Comes With A Free Digital Book!
  • Log on to to explore online!
  • Interior Spreads
  • Digital activity page
  • Additional early learning content
  • Additional content about favorite topics
  • Illustrated digital encyclopedia entry
  • Over 1 million copies in print!


Emergent Reader (for placement only  - see sample)

Puppies and Kittens

Emergency Vehicles


Confident Reader (for placement only  - see sample)




Expert Reader (for placement only - see sample)




Also available – Scholastic Discover More Readers!


Fabulous Frogs

Deadly Dinosaurs



Scholastic Dictionary DATABASE

For the first time we’re licensing our rich and dynamic dictionary database! 

  • Includes content from the Scholastic Children’s Dictionary, the  Scholastic First Dictionary, and the Scholastic Student Thesaurus
  • Perfect for supporting your own online efforts
  • Over 30,000 total word entries
  • 25,000 sample sentences and usage examples
  • Clear, contemporary, reader-friendly word definitions
  • Geography terms, place names, and definitions
  • Hundreds of word histories, language notes, and sidebars
  • Content focus on emerging technology terms
  • Includes a thesaurus with definitions of synonyms and tips on word choice and an in-depth map sections
  • Created by an advisory board and an esteemed mix of experts

This is the perfect guide to the English language.  With this database you can refer to it to find out what a word means, check its spelling or pronunciation, or figure out how to use it in a sentence.  Synonym boxes suggest similar words to help you add variety to your writing and speech.